WEFTEC 2017 will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2017. 


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Exhibitor Directories


March 24, 2017

For updates to be included in the launch of the web directory and Mobile App in April, 2017. Existing listings from 2016 will be pulled forward automatically. 

July 14, 2017 

To be included in free WEFTEC 2017 publications, including September WE&T and the Conference Program.

September 15, 2017 

To be included in the final onsite update submissions for the mobile app. 


Description and Entry Guidelines

  • Listings should be clear, informative, and have correct grammar and spelling
  • Limit the use of &, +, and similar characters
  • Include any keywords in your listing for the app global search to use.
    Selected category terms do not return in the app's search results 
  • Provide a contact name, phone number, and email address that you are comfortable publishing
    The app/web directory is not access controlled. Consider making a specific email address for receiving inquiries for the show, then adding yourself as a registrant into the app to preserve privacy 
  • Preserve character formatting including ©, ®, ™, and sub- or superscript by using the cut and paste feature for your description
    Number/bullet lists, bold, italic, and all other special formatting will be removed from your listing 
  • Information already in your directory, including your booth number, website, or phone number should not be repeated in your description.
    If submitted, this information will be removed prior to entry. 
Don't know which form is for you? Call us at 1-703-684-2443 or email Exhibition Operations at and we will let you know! 


Update Exhibitor Directory Listing 

  • Use this form to create or update your mobile app contact, phone number, email, description, or categories.

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Additional (Subsidiary or Brand) Listings

Only use this form for a second (subsidiary or brand) listing for your booth.  


Exhibitors in booths 200 square feet and larger may submit additional listings conforming to the following guidelines: 

  • Only one company may be listed per 100 square feet
  • Additional companies or brands must be demonstrably related to the contracted company through a common parent company
  • Product name listings are allowed as one of the additional listings, but the primary listing must be the renting company's name, not a product name
Do you have more than 5 additional companies to list? Request our spreadsheet template to minimize your entry and submission time.

 International Pavilion Listings

Only confirmed pavilions should use this listing form in accordance with their rental license.

Add/Update Pavilion Listing (form coming soon!)


Frequently Asked Questions


What's the purpose of the directory update?

To help WEFTEC registrants find you. Your information will be listed in the WEFTEC mobile app, the web version of the app, the printed conference program distributed to all attendees, the WEFTEC issue of WE&T (usually September), and the interactive Matchmaker.
Registrants use the exhibitor directory more than any other function of the app. In 2015, exhibitor directories were viewed more than 175,000 times, and exhibitors were bookmarked more than 28,500 times.

Why doesn't the form show my current information?

These forms are not connected to the database or app, so they are blank templates. 

Do I need to fill out all parts of the form?

No, just the required fields and what needs to be updated, but we strongly encourage you to submit product categories 

What if I just submitted a form and need to submit again?

Go ahead! Just update the parts that are new.

When will my update be live?

Updates submitted through June will be live in a week and a half after the launch of the mobile app in April.

Updates submitted July and after will be live in 2-3 weeks

Still have questions?

Contact exhibition operations at 1-703-684-2443 or at 

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International Matchmaker and Export Interest Directory 

Submit an extended directory to identify your international business interests for better one-to-one matchmaking opportunities and international delegates.

International Business Interest Form

Deadline for Submission: August 11, 2017

WEFTEC 2016 is part of the International Buyer Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. International Trade Specialists from the U.S. Department of Commerce are available in the Global Center to provide matchmaking assistance and export trade counseling to international attendees and exhibitors. Qualified exhibitors receive a free listing within the Export Interest Directory, distributed at the Global Center. Participation in both programs is voluntary.

What is the purpose of the Export Interest Directory data?

The data collected  will be used by leaders of  U.S. Commercial Service Trade Delegations to match international buyers with goods and services provided by U.S. exhibiting companies.  Qualifying companies of interest will then be contacted to set up booth visits and one-on-one meetings onsite at WEFTEC. 

Who will receive the Export Interest Directory data and publication?

The data collected for the Export Interest Directory will be distributed to the U.S. Commercial Service International Buyer Program Project Manager and to U.S. Commercial Service posts overseas. The Export Interest Directory is distributed to all trade delegates and U.S. Commercial Service Staff to identify U.S. companies of interest to visit and arrange one-on-one follow up meetings onsite at WEFTEC.  

What are the qualifications for the International Buyer Program and to be listed in the Export Interest Directory?

This opportunity is only open to U.S. companies exhibiting at WEFTEC 2017.  In accordance to U.S. Department of Commerce policy, products and services included in the Export Interest Directory must be either: (i) produced or manufactured in the United States, or (ii) if produced or manufactured outside of the United States, must contain at least 51% U.S. content and must be marketed under the name of a U.S. firm.

To learn more about trade delegations at WEFTEC, click here.   

The Mobile App is available as a sponsorship opportunity. Contact us for more information!

Download the WEF Events app: Point your mobile browser to to be automatically directed to the proper app version for your particular device. Once the WEF Events mobile application has downloaded, launch the app and choose “WEFTEC 2016” from the show list.