WEFTEC 2019 was made up of technical programming and events that can be broken down by different themes, topics, and audiences. The program was formed using a matrix of focus areas and topics so things may appear in more than one area. We presented it this way to give you a good picture of the breadth and depth of the education and networking possible at WEFTEC. No matter how many different interests you have, whether you want to dabble in topics or dive deep, WEFTEC has something for you. Explore these major themes, tracks and topics on these pages for an overview, or on the WEFTEC Mobile Planner for more depth, including the speaker details, abstracts, agendas, etc.

Major Themes

WEFTEC 2019 included a special focus on 4 themes of utmost importance in the water sector today: One Water, Resilience, the Water Energy Food Nexus, and Workforce.  

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Explore WEFTEC 2019 technical programming and events, filtered by specific water sector focus areas. 

Air Quality and Odors

Collection Systems

Energy Production, Conservation, and Management

Future Insights and Global Issues

Industrial Issues and Treatment Technology

Intelligent Water Systems

Leading Edge Research and Innovation

Nutrients Management

Operations and Maintenance

Public Officials

Residuals and Biosolids Management

Stormwater Congress

Utility Management

Water Reclamation and Reuse

Water Resource Recovery Facility Design

Watershed Resources Management and Sustainability