Kevin Brown, a motivational speaker and author of The Hero Effect™, will deliver the keynote address for the Opening General Session of WEFTEC 2018.

This year's Opening General Session will be anchored by a special keynote from Kevin Brown, a highly sought after motivational speaker and author of The Hero Effect™.

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His inspirational message will follow remarks from 2017-18 WEF President Jenny Hartfelder and WEF Executive Director Eileen O'Neill as well as tie into the highly anticipated relaunch of WEF’s popular Water’s Worth It™ grassroots public awareness campaign.

What is The HERO Effect?

After overcoming years of struggles and fighting against the odds to succeed, Kevin learned that he was surrounded by people who selflessly supported him, even when he didn't deserve it.

These people were his “everyday heroes” and became the inspiration for his simple philosophy: we all have the potential to be heroes -- to powerfully impact others through our words, actions, attitudes, and choices.

What does a HERO look like?

  • Heroes HELP people…with no strings attached.
  • Heroes create an EXCEPTIONAL experience for the people and communities that they serve.
  • Heroes take RESPONSIBILITY for their attitudes, actions, and results.
  • Heroes see life through the lens of OPTIMISM.

In a refreshing and entertaining style, Kevin will share his ideas, strategies, and principles that will inspire you to recognize and embrace your identity as everyday heroes who show up and give your best for water when it matters most.

Everyone has the power to be a hero. Help us make the world a better place by choosing to join the people, ideas, actions, and innovations that are protecting, renewing, and shaping the future of water.

Be a Hero. Water’s Worth It!

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