Booth/Show Information includes instructions on how to request booth moves, completing payments, insurance requirements, booth personnel registration, FAQs and more.

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Booth Moves

Requesting a Booth Move

If your company wishes to relocate, check the floor plan for booth availability. Review companies around your desired location - it is your responsibility to review competitors during the move process.

Send the request to with the subject line “Booth Move Request”.

Information to provide in your move request

  • Booth number and size (include several booth numbers that you are interested in moving to, as your first choice may not be available)
  • If you are interested in more than one possible move, include all information in one email.
  • Authorization to move your company 

Booth Move Process

  • All moves will be done Wednesdays prior to the assignment of new reservations
  • Requests will be placed in date received order and moved in that order
  • In cases where several companies have requested the same booth, the company with the highest longevity points will get the booth

If moving to a smaller space, you will be subject to cancellation fees for the amount of space reduced. The payment and cancellation schedules are listed in the Payments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

I sent my move request weeks ago and haven't heard back. What happened?

  • Moves are processed in date and points order. If your move request cannot be processed, we will continue to look for options to move you to your requested space and follow up with you when your move is complete

The booth I requested was showing available, but I didn't get it. What happened?

  • At any time, we have multiple move requests from companies with varying priority points. It is most likely that a company with higher priority points was assigned to the requested space.


Booth Personnel Registration

Exhibitor Personnel Badge Registration Opens June 4, 2019!

Booth space must be PAID IN FULL before you can register for badges, download the attendee list or order lead retrieval.

Registering Booth Personnel

Login information

To access exhibitor booth personnel registration, you must enter a username and password.

Beginning June 4, 2019, Key Contacts for booths received an email directly from Experient with login information and instructions. Exhibitors assigned after this date will receive login information approximately one week after receiving their booth confirmation.

Check your spam email for login credentials.

One Key Contact person per exhibiting company (the primary booth contact) will be issued a username and password to register your company's booth personnel. If your Key Contact has changed, you must submit an online Change Information Form. Please allow one week before it reflects online or in the Experient system.

The Key Contact is not automatically registered as booth personnel but must be added in order to receive a badge.

Register Exhibiting Booth Personnel

Access WEF's Registration Page

Badge Allotment and Cost

Exhibiting companies are allocated four (4) complimentary booth personnel per 100 square feet of space. Exhibitors may use their free badge allotment for booth personnel only. Exhibit personnel who are above the number of complimentary badges allotted for your booth space will be charged for additional badges. The registration fee for each additional booth personnel is $50.

Badge Access

The Exhibitor Badge allows exhibitors access to the exhibit hall and technical sessions. Workshops, tours and ticket events are optional events and will be available for purchase.

Badge Policy

WEFTEC badges are required for admission to the exhibit hall and education programs. Badges are nontransferable and must be worn at all times.

Badge Pickup

Pre-registered attendees who provide an e-mail address when they register will receive a receipt/confirmation after submission. Print and bring your barcode confirmation to be scanned and proceed to any Badge Pickup counter. Your badge will print instantly and you will be given your lanyard.

Badge Delivery Options

You have the option to receive all of your booth personnel badges via UPS or FedEx in advance of the show or badges can be held for onsite pickup.

To have your badges shipped, you must register, select UPS or FedEx, and provide an account number to apply shipping charges by August 31. Badges will not be automatically shipped, unless you select the ship delivery preference by the deadline.

Name badges will only be shipped to the company's key contact if the key contact indicated so within the registration process.

All registrations submitted after August 31 will need to pick up their badges onsite.
Once badges are mailed, it is the responsibility of the Key Contact to distribute them to the appropriate booth personnel. 

Booth Types

The following types of booths are assigned for WEFTEC: Inline (also referred to as Corner or Standard), Perimeter, Island, and Shared Island.

Overview of booth types with brief definitions. The Display Guidelines page contains complete information regarding each booth type and its display guidelines.

Inline Booths

Inline booths are typically 10' or 15' deep and can be between 10' - 40' wide. They may have one or two corners. Inline booths are set with 8' drape across the width of the backwall and 3' side rail on each side of the booth. Inline booths have a maximum display height of 8' in the rear 5' of the booth, and a maximum display height of 4' in the front 5' of the booth. Inline booths may not have hanging signs.

Download the IAEE Guidelines for Booth Types

Perimeter Booths

Perimeter booths are inline booths against a wall. Perimeter booths have a maximum display height of 12' in the rear 5' of the booth, and a maximum display height of 4' in the front 5' of the booth. Perimeter booths may not have hanging signs.

View the list of Perimeter Booths

Download the IAEE Guidelines for Booth Types

Island Booths

Island booths are typically a minimum size of 20' x 20', have four corners and are open to four aisles. Island booths have a maximum display height of 18' for the cubic content of the booth space and may have hanging signs within this display height.

Download the IAEE Guidelines for Booth Types

Shared Island Booths

Shared Island booths are typically a minimum size of 20' x 20', have two corners, and are open to three aisles. Shared Island Booths share a backwall with a second Island Booth. The shared wall is set with 8' drape across the full shared line between both booths. Shared Island booths have a maximum display height of 18' for the cubic content of the booth space and may have hanging signs within this display height, but Shared Island booths must set all graphics, including hanging signs, that face the shared backwall 5' away from the backwall.

View the list of Shared Island Booths

Download the IAEE Guidelines for Booth Types


Booth Sales:

     Sacha Carey, CEM
     Senior Director, Exhibitions
     Phone: (703) 684-2434
     Fax: (703) 684-2482

Exhibitor Services:

     Stefanie Walter, CEM
     Senior Manager, Exhibition Operations
     Phone: (703) 684-2414

     Mutsa Meda
     Coordinator, Exhibition Operations
     Phone: (703) 684-2447
     Email: |

Sponsor Services:

     Ronnetta Zack-Williams
     Coordinator, Sponsorships
     Phone: (703) 684-2468

Floor Managers and Security

Floor Managers

Dennis Corcoran: Hall A, Booths 113 – 2820

Stan Mazyck: Hall A, Booths 2900 – 5663

Phil Spitale: Hall B, Booths 6015 – 8729

Your floor managers are an extension of WEFTEC Exhibition Management, and will be available to you to assist with issues during move-in, show-dates, and move-out.

The fastest way to have a floor manager visit your booth is to call the Exhibition Management Office, identify your booth number and issue, and your assigned floor manager will be dispatched to assist you as quickly as possible.


Security is provided in the exhibit hall and public areas at WEFTEC primarily to control access and to serve as an overall deterrent. Guards are not specifically contracted to watch over each exhibiting company's booths and goods. Neither WEF nor the security company are responsible for monitoring your belongings.

Exhibitors are advised to treat the exhibit hall as they would any large public area, and safeguard small valuables such as laptops, computer tablets, etc., and to be mindful of items like flash drives or memory cards and lead retrieval units. Whenever possible, small valuable items should be removed by the Exhibitor overnight for safekeeping.

Exhibitors are liable for all thefts, losses and claims related to their participation in the Exhibit and should obtain insurance and liability protection appropriate to their circumstances. If preferred or required, an exhibitor may hire a guard from the contracted security company to guard their booth and belongings.

At any time during move-in, show days, or move-out, if you have a security incident, such as materials damage or loss, please contact Show Management as quickly as possible. You may contact the Exhibition Management Office, a Floor Manager, or the Security Office.

The Security Desk is located at the entrance of South Hall.

Housing/Hospitality Suites

Nga Tran, Senior Housing Coordinator
Bill Delaney, Senior Housing Director

Convention Management Resources, Inc. (CMR)
Phone: (888) 301-4933 or (415) 979-2298

Official Service Contractor

Direct specific inquiries about group housing assignments, room block agreements, rooming lists, and reservation confirmations to CMR. CMR has managed WEFTEC hotel reservations on behalf of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) for over 15 years. Reservations at the negotiated WEFTEC rates can only be made through CMR. WEF does not authorize or endorse any other housing service or independent broker. 

WEF staff can assist with general inquiries:

Tangela (Tangie) Williams, Manager, Registration & WEFTEC Housing
Phone: (703) 684-2422

Liability and Required Insurance

Proof of Insurance Submission Deadline

Proof of insurance must be provided to WEF by August 23, 2019, via email to or post to Exhibition Operations, Water Environment Federation, 601 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Faxed copies will not be accepted.

If you wish to use WEF's insurance provider...

The Andersen Insurance Group is offering exhibitors the option to obtain liability coverage online specific to WEFTEC 2019 that meets all of the insurance requirements through a special group policy. Simply fill out and submit the Exhibitor Liability Coverage Application online and you will be able to download a Confirmation of Coverage Certificate as soon as credit card payment is submitted.

Cost: $75

Exhibitor Liability Coverage Application

If you wish to use your own insurance provider...

The Exhibitor must maintain and provide proof of insurance coverage with limits of liability as follows.

Comprehensive General Liability (Broad Form) OR Commercial General Liability

  • $2,000,000.00 for bodily injury
  • $1,000,000.00 for property damage

Comprehensive Automobile Insurance covering any owned, not owned/hired and hired self-propelled vehicles of the type for use on and off the McCormick Place complex. Coverage should include loading and unloading hazards

  • $1,000,000.00 for property damage

Worker’s compensation and occupational disease insurance in full compliance of all Federal and State laws covering all employees and Independent Contractors.

Additional Insureds

  • Water Environment Federation, SMG, Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the Chicago Park District, and their agents, trustees, officers, board members and employees

» Additional insurance protecting exhibitor’s assets and property brought to the exhibit is strongly recommended to protect display assets in transit and on the show floor, as neither WEF nor our contractors are liable for your display materials or equipment.

Certificate Holder should be listed as:

Water Environment Federation 
601 Wythe Street 
Alexandria, VA 22314

Sample Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Below is a list of insurance providers that you may contact for coverage.

The Andersen Insurance Group 

14026 Thunderbolt Place, Suite 200 
Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone: 703-988-0900 ext. 100 
Fax: 703-988-9498

John Buttine Inc. Insurance
125 Park Avenue 
Third Floor 
New York, NY 10017 
Phone: 212-697-1010 
Fax: 212-504-8084

» WEF cannot accept insurance policies issued by agencies in countries other than the United States.

License for Exhibit Space

Exhibitors are required to review the License for Exhibit Space prior to signing the Space Reservation & Contract; the License terms are agreed to by the exhibitor upon signing the Exhibit Space Reservation & Contract.

Download the License for Exhibit Space

Location, Days & Hours


McCormick Place | North and South Halls
See Move-In/Out & Shipping for shipping addresses

Exhibit Hours

Monday, September 23         8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday, September 24        8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday, September 25   8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Hospitality Hour

Monday, September 23         5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Tuesday, September 24        5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Onsite Services

Exhibition Management Office

Booth 8, Hall A, South Hall behind Exhibitor Registration

Phone: (312) 791-6601


Wednesday, September 18 - Friday, September 27, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm


Stefanie Walter, Director, Exhibition Operations
Mutsa Meda, Coordinator, Exhibition Operations

Service Desk Locations

Freeman Service Desks will be located in the Service Areas beneath the floor in Hall A (South) and at the rear of Hall B (North).

Experient Service Desks will be located in the rear of Hall A (South) and Hall B (North).

Onsite Service Desk Phone Numbers

Freeman Service Desk (Hall A): (773) 473-8194

Freeman Service Desk (Hall B): (773) 473-8195

Hall A Electrical Service Desk: (773) 473-8192

Hall B Electrical Service Desk: (773) 473-8193

Telephone & Internet Services (Hall A): (312) 567-8240

Telephone & Internet Services (Hall B): (312) 808-3135

Catering Service Desk: (312) 791-7250

Business Center (FedEx): (312) 949-2100

First Aid & Security: (312) 791-6060

Conference Management Office: (312) 791-6604

WEFTEC 2020 Onsite Sales: (312) 791-6634

eventBit Exhibitor Contact: Phillip Frazier – (312) 731-8222

Lead Retrieval Exhibitor Contact: Justin Binkley – (240) 674-3268

Kuehne & Nagel International Shipping Contact: Debbie Amrein – (410) 804-5707

Floral Expo Contact: Will Nichols – (407) 595-5264

Freeman Service Center Hours

Wednesday, September 18          8:00 am  -  5:00 pm
Thursday, September 19              8:00 am  -  5:00 pm
Friday, September 20                   8:00 am  -  5:00 pm
Saturday, September 21               8:00 am  -  5:00 pm
Sunday, September 22                 8:00 am  -  5:00 pm

Show Dates
Monday, September 23                 7:30 am  -  5:00 pm
Tuesday, September 24                 8:00 am  -  5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 25            8:00 am  - 9:30 pm

Thursday, September 26                8:00 am  -   5:00 pm
Friday, September 27                     8:00 am  -   5:00 pm

* Move-out begins Wednesday, September 25 at 3:30 pm

Exhibitor Lounge Location & Hours

Exhibitor Lounges will be in the rear of Hall A (South) and Hall B (North) and include TV with cable, coffee, tea, iced tea, and lemonade service.

Lounge Hours
Monday – Tuesday, September 23-24, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Wednesday, September 25 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Onsite Business Center - Fed-Ex Office

The Fed-Ex Office is located in McCormick Place on Level 2.5 of the Grand Concourse in the South Building. It is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. 


Booth Reservation and Cancellation Fee Schedule

October 4, 2018         All new booth contracts must include a 25% deposit
January 31, 2019       25% deposit due for advance onsite reservations
February 1, 2019       10% cancellation/reduction fee in effect
                                   Booth sales open to new exhibitors
May 1, 2019               All new booth contracts must include 100% payment
May 31, 2019             Final 75% booth payments due 
June 1, 2019              100% cancellation/reduction fee in effect

How to Pay Your Invoice
With all payments, include your Exhibitor ID Number (Customer Number) and Order Number

  • Mail your check to:

    Water Environment Federation          

    PO Box 38009                                   
    Baltimore, MD 21297-8009

Have a question about your invoice, if we've received your payment, or need wire transfer instructions? Contact 

Show Colors

Main Hall

  • Carpeting - Aisles: Midnight Blue (Blue & Black Speckle)
  • Drape - 8' Black back drape; 3' Black side dividers


Stormwater Pavilion 

  • Carpeting - Aisles: Black
  • Drape - 8' Gray & White back drape; 3' Gray side dividers


Innovation Pavilion

  • Carpeting - Aisles: Black
  • Drape - 8' Blue & White back drape; 3' Blue side dividers


Color Selector by Freeman
A tool to help you easily visualize your planned booth carpet and table drape look against the show aisle carpet & drape.

What's Included in Your Booth Space

Inline and Perimeter Spaces*

  • 8' high back drape
  • 3' high side drape
  • (1) 7" x 44" company sign 

Shared Islands

  • 8' high back drape

Islands* - Drape or furnishings not included

     *Review the Booth Types tab for additional information

Booth Personnel Badges
Four badges per 100 square feet rented. Separate registration is required.

Registration Lists
Pre- and post-show attendee lists are available through the Experient Exhibitor Registration Portal once booth space is fully paid for.

Conference Announcement Listing
Company must be assigned prior to submission of announcement text by April 29, 2019.

Directory Listings
Includes official Mobile App and linked Exhibitor Directory, WEFTEC Preview Issue of WE&T, and printed Conference Program. Listings received after deadline will be included in next available format or publication.

Conference Proceedings
WEFTEC Conference Proceedings for exhibitors will be available online after the conference. Exhibitors will have access to this online system for five years.

Free Marketing Tools 
Complimentary registrant invitations, webinars, PDF uploads to the mobile app, and more.

Exclusive Advertising Opportunities
Includes select WEF publications,, pre-conference emails sent to registered attendees, and Exhibitor Outreach.

Access to Huddle Room
The Huddle Room offers meeting space for exhibitors and WEF Members during show days. Available by appointment only.

Invitation to Mix with Members Reception
The Mix with Members Reception is an invitation-only reception for exhibitors, WEF members, and advertisers on Sunday, September 22.

What's NOT Included in your Booth Space

Booth space is rented "raw" and does not include:

  • Carpet and cleaning
  • Booth furnishings (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Shipping/Material Handling
  • Labor
  • Security

**Additional services, which may not be included above, are available for order under Order Booth Services, and are not part of the booth space.

Estimated Booth Budget

See below for estimated budget for a 10x10 booth based on the service manual rates for non-member and WEF exhibitor member.

Booth/Show Information PDF

Download Booth/Show Information PDF