McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

McCormick Place is the largest convention center in North America, comprising four buildings. WEFTEC takes place in the North (Hall B) and South (Hall A) buildings. View information below to get familiar with rules, regulations and services at McCormick Place.

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Accessibility (ADA)

McCormick Place is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Available services are below:

  • Service Animals - Trained service animals are welcome at McCormick Place.
  • Assisted Hearing - McCormick Place has TTY access available at the Security Command Center located in the North Building on Level 1. For more information, call our TTY number at 312-791-6505. Assisted listening transmitters and receivers are available free of charge for meeting rooms and the Arie Crown Theater. For meeting rooms, contact Show Management. For the Arie Crown Theater, contact Mendy Medlin.
  • ATM Machines - ATMs offer audio assistance for the visually impaired and meet height and reach requirements for the physically impaired. All cash machines accept American Express, VISA, Master Card, Cirrus and Plus. Cash machines are available in each building: 
        South Level 2.5 in the Convenience Center 
        North Level 2, near McDonalds
        West, Level 1 near the Transportation Center
        Lakeside Level 2, near the Arie Crown Theater box office. 
  • Elevators - Elevators are located near the main entrances in all McCormick Place buildings, and near the main exhibit halls on all levels.
  • Entrances and Exits – McCormick Place has 4 designated drop-off points for taxis and cars that provide ramped curbs and automatic entry doors:
    Lakeside Center (East Building) - Drop off at Gate 37 (car drop off at Gate 31); pick up at Gate 30 
    North Building - Drop off or pick up at Gate 22
    South Building - Drop off or pick up at Gate 4
    West Building - Drop off or pick up at Gate 40
  • Meeting Rooms and Theaters – All meeting rooms and theaters are wheelchair accessible, except rooms E268 and E269 (which are only available for limited use).
  • Parking Lots – Accessible parking is available in Lot A (located on Martin Luther King Drive), Lot C (located underground in Lakeside Center) and the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place parking garage.
  • Seating – The Arie Crown Theater provides wheelchair seating throughout the theater; wheelchair companion seating can be arranged with advance notice.
  • Service Areas – First aid stations, restaurants, retail outlets and drinking fountains are wheelchair accessible. Restrooms provide either accessible or ambulatory stalls.
  • Signage – All McCormick Place public signs incorporate raised lettering and Braille.
  • Wheelchairs, Mobility Services and Oxygen Equipment - For wheelchairs, mobility scooters, power chairs and oxygen equipment rentals, contact our preferred service partner, Scootaround Mobility Solutions at 888-441-7575 or visit

Visit for more information about Federal ADA guidelines.

Business Center

Onsite Business Center - Fed-Ex Office

The Fed-Ex Office is located in McCormick Place on Level 2.5 of the Grand Concourse in the South Building. It is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. 

Exhibitor Personal Consumption Policy

McCormick Place allows exhibitors to bring food and beverage items into the facility for personal consumption either individually or collectively as described below:

An exhibitor may bring an individual serving of food and beverage with them onto the premises. This will allow for an individual to consume food from an outside vendor on McCormick Place property. An example might be as follows: an individual leaves the facility and returns with a sandwich, a slice of pizza, or carryout, and consumes it on McCormick Place property.

An exhibitor may bring the equivalent of an individual serving for each of their employees onto the premises to serve to those employees. This will allow an organization to feed members of their staff without forcing each individual to bring their own food. Examples might include the following:

  • An exhibitor orders pizzas and beverages and feeds their staff.
  • An exhibitor ships a cooler and several cases of soda with their display to provide beverages to their personnel.
  • An exhibitor sends a runner out and has them pick‐up a certain number of lunches to provide to their staff.

Any exhibitor or exhibitor employee who chooses to bring food onto the premises must adhere to the following additional requirements.

  • Any exhibitor who brings food and beverage onto the premises will be responsible for the clean‐up of any resulting garbage or left‐over food.
  • This policy is limited to exhibitors and their employees. Exhibitors are not allowed to bring food into the facility to serve to attendees beyond that which is currently permissible in the facility sampling policy.
  • Exhibitors, Contractor, or Show Management are not allowed to authorize any outside caterer or restaurateur to set up cooking, assembly, or serving areas on McCormick Place property.
  • Food and beverage companies are not allowed to sell or solicit sales on McCormick Place property.
  • Deliveries by outside food and beverage companies are not allowed inside the facility, on the exhibit floor, or at back of house areas.
  • Exhibitors and their employees are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises at any time for personal or attendee consumption.

Fire Safety Regulations

Fire Prevention reserve the right to make any final decisions regarding the outlined requirements, according to Section 2‐36‐220 of the Municipal Code of Chicago on Fire Prevention.

Prior to the show opening and at any time during the event, the Fire Marshal may inspect the booths to ensure these requirements are met. If a booth imposes a significant fire hazard, it will be prohibited from exhibiting.

The Fire Safety Manager at 312‐791‐6079 (Fax 312‐791‐6013) or can answer any questions or provide a set of fire code information.

Booth Staging

In addition to equipment and furniture placed within a booth space, Exhibitors are allowed to stage the following items:

  • Boxed or loose product, materials or literature.
  • Fiber cases used to ship pop‐up displays
  • Personal items such as luggage, purses, briefcases or coats.

The following restrictions must be observed when staging these additional items:

  • The amount of product, materials or literature that may be staged within a booth space must not exceed a one‐day supply.
  • Items may be placed either in a display case, on a counter, on a shelving unit, in a closet, on a table, under a table or stacked neatly within the booth space.
  • Items that are placed under a table must not protrude outside the table dimensions.
  • Items that are stacked must not create a tripping hazard or hamper easy movement within the booth space.
  • Items may not be placed on or within six inches of floor ports, electrical wiring or cabling.
  • Items may not be placed behind drape within the booth.
  • Pallets, empty crates, cartons and boxes may not be stored in the booth space.
  • Staging will not be allowed behind the back wall of the booth and behind the drape within the booth.

Fire Safety personnel will patrol the exhibit area. If anyone is in violation a written notice will be given to the Exhibitor.

Fire Retardancy

Booth construction and decoration materials must be fire retardant. It is suggested that a certificate of retardancy be available at the show to prevent the need for possible onsite testing of the material. Fabrics must pass the NFPA‐701 Code, and all other construction and decoration materials must pass the NFPA‐703 Code as well as the UL‐ 1975 test. General guidelines for material fire retardancy include:

  • Backdrops, tents, canopies, dust and table covers, drapes and similar fabrics: These fabrics can often be made fire retardant by a dry cleaner that can issue a certificate of fire retardancy. Suppliers and/or display manufacturers can also provide a certificate included with the materials.
  • Corrugated cardboard/display boxes: These materials can best be made fire retardant at a factory.
  • Wood and wood by‐products: If wood materials are not sufficiently fire retardant, a certified fire retardant specialist using pressure impregnation or similar impregnation method must treat them.
  • Polyurethane foam, plastic and similar products need to be treated as well.

Prohibited Materials

The following items are fire‐hazardous and prohibited in McCormick Place:

  • All flammable compressed gases, such as propane and butane
  • Explosives and live ammunition
  • Untreated Christmas trees, cut evergreens or similar trees
  • Fireplace logs and similar materials
  • Charcoal
  • Untreated mulch, Hay Straw, Bamboo and Spanish moss

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Demonstration/Display Materials/Pyrotechnics

When designing demonstrations and displays, note that the following devices require pre‐approval by McCormick Place and the Chicago Fire Department (CFD):

  • Smoke‐producing devices
  • Compressed gas or compressed liquid cylinders if applicable used in the booth must be securely anchored to prevent toppling

Any other display materials need Show Management approval. Approval requests must be sent in 60 days before move‐in of the event. The request must state how the demonstration will avoid hazards to people or nearby objects. Plexiglas or similar protection is required whenever sparking may occur. Fire extinguishers will also be required.

Any chemical, substance or material deemed hazardous by OSHA requires pre‐approval and must be accompanied with the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The Fire Safety Office will need copies of the MSDS before the materials arrive.

Hazardous Materials Management

Neither McCormick Place Housekeeping Department nor your general service contractor manages hazardous material removal. It is your responsibility to find a vendor to handle these hazardous materials.



There are three main parking lots on the McCormick Place campus. All are in close proximity and walking distance to our convention complex. Lot A has been designated as the primary parking location for WEFTEC due to its proximity to the South Hall.

Exhibitor Guaranteed Parking

A limited number of guaranteed parking spaces are available at the rate of $36 per day by advance order of an Exhibitor Parking Permit. This permit allows access to the garages with in-and-out privileges. Parking spaces are guaranteed even if lots fill to capacity.

Parking Lot A - 2301 South Prairie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616

  • 8' height clearance
  • Six level garage
  • 2,100 parking spaces
  • Only overnight lot

Located on Martin Luther King Drive, adjacent to the West Building. Covered walkways from Lot A leading directly into McCormick Place, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel, and the Marriott Marquis.

Reserve parking at


In accordance with the City of Chicago Fire Department and the City of Chicago, smoking is not permitted in McCormick Place. Smoking stations are located outside of the facility.

Convention Center & Exhibitor Rights PDFs

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