This is your one stop shop for everything you need to make your investment in WEFTEC an even greater success.

Step 1. Download FREE Planning and Implementation Tools

Take charge of your exhibit program with free and prove-effective tools to help you plan and manage your exhibit program, control your costs and meashure your performance, value and ROI

  1. 16 Week Tradeshow Planning & Management Tool
  2. Exhibit Budgeting & Cost Control Tool
  3. Exhibiting & Financial Performance Metrics Tool

Step 2. Complete Strategic Planning Exercises at Target Timeframes

Position your program for maximum results with five strategic planning exercises. Gather your exhibit tearm, block 90 minutes, and complete each exercise on or around the target dates before the show.

  1. Define Your Outcomes - 16 weeks prior (June 3)
  2. Identify and Attract Your Ideal Visitors - 12 weeks prior (June 24)
  3. Manage Your Visitors' Experience - 10 weeks prior (July 15)
  4. Mange Your Leads - 8 - 6 weeks prior (July 29 - August 12)
  5. Measure Your Performance, Value & ROI - 4 weeks prior & update after the show (August 26)

Step 3. Watch, Learn & Succeed with Live & On-Demand Topical Webinars

Gather your team and watch these live educational webinars on or around the target dates. They are great support tools to help you complete the five strategic planning exercises.

NEW Webinar 1: WEFTEC NEW Exhibitor Web-Briefing
Date/Time:            Wednesday, June 26, 2019 | 2:00 - 2:30 pm EST

WEF wants to be sure all new exhibiting companies and contacts are prepared to take full advantage of the exhibiting opportunity. All NEW exhibitors are required to attend this highly informative briefing. You will learn about the ins and outs of exhibiting at WEFTEC and walk through the key concepts of WEFTEC's exhibitor success program

NEW Webinar 2: How SMALL Exhibitors Can Get Their Fair Share at WEFTEC
Date/Time:            Wednesday, July 17 2019 | 2:00 - 2:30 pm EST

In a large show with mega exhibits, sometimes inline and smaller exhibitors can feel lost in the crowd. This all-new exhibitor webinar is designd exclusively for these exhibitors. It will present unique perspectives and strategic practices that smaller exhibits can use to compete for attention and booth traffic with larger exhibits. 

All inline exhibitors are encouraged to register for this complimentary and highly informative webinar  with America's leading trade show productivity expert to grab the best practices to help ensure a productive and profitable exhibiting experience at WEFTEC.

NEW Webinar 3: Best Social Media Practices for Tradeshows & Exhibitors 
Date/Time:           Wednesday, July 24 | 2:00 - 2:30 pm EST

Featuring WEF's Social Media Manager.

When used properly, social media can be an extremely effective media for building your brand, engaging attendees and driving qualified booth traffic. However, research finds that many exhibitors are not taking full advantage of this free marketing channel. Register for this FREE educational webinar to see the latest research on exhibigor social media practices and learn best tradeshow practices for using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram more effectively.

Step 5. Ask our Team of Tradeshow Experts

We have made special arrangements with Tradeshow Productivity Expert, Jefferson Davis and his team of CTSM experts to answer any exhibiting question you may have. Please take advantage of this free service to get quick answers to your most pressing questions and challenges.

Follow these five easy steps to get the right content at the right time in the show execution cycle

Step 1. Download FREE planning and implementation tool

Step 2. Schedule and complete 5 pre-show planning exercises around target dates

Step 3. Watch scheduled educational webinars

Step 4. Read Topical articles & research reports for more insights and ideas

Step 5. Ask the Tradeshow Experts for guidances


Step 4. READ Topical Articles and Research Reports for Additional Insights and Ideas

Recorded Webinar: Use Technology to Improve ROI & Performance

Using the Latest Technology to Improve Exhibiting Performance & ROI

View Recorded Webinar

WEFTEC exhibitor webinar addressing best practices for integrating technologies into your booth display to engage attendees and compete for attention on the show floor. Covers usage of tablets, interactive touchscreens, digital signage, interactive A/V with scale models, proximity marketing/geofencing,  projection mapping, A/R, and V/R, as well as an overview of what's new with EventBit from Experient.

Recorded August, 2018 | 51 minutes.

Recorded Webinar: Increase Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic

Increasing Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified WEFTEC Booth Traffic

View Recorded Webinar

  • Why pre-marketing in show the size of WEFTEC is a "must-do"
  • Why you must use multiple marketing media
  • How to craft your attendee-focused value proposition
  • WEFTEC marketing opportunities you need to know about
  • Best tradeshow practices for using email, social media and mail

Recorded July 11, 2018 - 55 Minutes with Q&A

Questions from the webinar...

Where do we find the pre-registration attendee list?
The list is available here.

Where is registrant information analytics (job information, etc.)?
That is part of the downloaded information in the registration list (file is in Excel format).

What are the hashtags you are using this year?
You can find these on the WEFTEC social media resource page.

Why bother with the free VIP Guest Invite pass when it is free for someone to attend the exhition?
1. Offering your customers a free registration, even if they don't need it, gives them an incentive to visit your booth, and reinforces your brand in their mind when they think of exhibitors they plan to visit.

2. Not all attendees qualify for the free expo rate. These registrants will have even more reason to be thankful for the code and to associate you with their free entry to the show floor.

Recorded Webinar: VIP Guest Invites Demo

VIP Guest Invites - The New Way to Drive Traffic to Your Events and Exhibit - Recorded August, 2018

View Recorded Webinar

Connect with as many of your customers and prospects as possible at WEFTEC 2018! Included is a full set of customized promotional materials and customer invites: ready-to-send HTML email, landing page, banner graphics, and social media sharing tools.

All include your branding, booth number, and an exclusive promo code to share with your customers and prospects to join you at WEFTEC 2018 with a free Expo Registration.

Dave Einzig, the Founder of VIP Guest Invites, the official vendor for this service, will be walking you through all of the things you can be doing now to drive significantly more traffic to your booth in October.