Contact Information Update

Submit the Change Information Form

Submit this form to update the contact who receives WEFTEC mail and email, including invoices, exhibitor email updates, and advance mailings for exhibit sales.

* The changes on this form do not affect web/mobile app or print listings. To update your listings, please submit the Exhibitor Directory Listing Form.

Mobile/Print Exhibitor Directory Update

NOTICE: Exhibitor information is displayed differently in the WEFTEC 2019 Mobile App. Exhibitor contact email addresses will not be displayed in the contact information. You may still choose to share this information using the directory field.



Use the Exhibitor Directory Update Form to submit changes for published exhibitor information, including:

  • Company Name
  • Sales/Booth Contact, Phone Number
  • Website
  • Physical Address
  • Directory Description
    • Long Description: Online publications (Mobile App and Wayfinder) 
  • Product Categories

Click here to view your current directory listing in the Mobile App before submitting a new update form.  If your current directory information is correct, you do not need to submit an update form.

Changes are posted to the Mobile App and Wayfinder (Map My Route).


Export Interest Directory (IBI)

U.S. Companies Only-

Click here to update your Export Interest Directory listing
Deadline: August 9, 2019

WEFTEC 2019 is part of the International Buyer Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. Qualified exhibitors receive a free listing in the Export Interest Directory, distributed at the Global Center.

The International Buyer Program provides global reach and uses U.S. Department of Commerce personnel in U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide to promote WEFTEC to local water professionals. Organized delegations from many countries will come to WEFTEC to learn and see new water technology.

The Export Interest Directory is distributed specifically to international and trade delegate registrants, and highlights U.S. companies with export interests to this growing audience. Data collected in the form will be used by leaders of the U.S. Commercial Service Trade Delegations to match international buyers with goods and services provided by U.S. exhibiting companies (categories come from the directory form).

This opportunity is only open to U.S. companies exhibiting at WEFTEC 2018. In accordance to U.S. Department of Commerce policy, products and services included in the Export Interest Directory must meet either criteria:

  • Produced or manufactured in the United States.
  • If produced or manufactured outside the United States, must contain at least 51% U.S. content and must be marketed under the name of a U.S. firm.

Subsidiary/Brand/Pavilion Listings

Click here to add a listing to your booth

The directory update form adds a second listing to your existing booth directory.

Exhibitors in booth 200 square feet and larger may submit listings conforming to the following guidelines:

  • Only one company may be listed per 100 square feet
  • Additional companies or brands must be demonstrably related to the contracted company through a common parent company
  • Product name listings are allowed as an additional listing

The form submits changes for published exhibitor information:

  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Physical Address
  • Sales/Booth Contact, Phone
  • Directory Description
  • WEF allows a short description, printed in the conference program, and a long description, published in the mobile app.
  • Product Categories

Published information is posted to the Mobile App, Wayfinder (Map My Route) — both of these use the long description in the form, September WE&T (WEFTEC Issue), and the onsite Conference Program.

Submission Deadlines

July 26, 2019 - Exhibitor Directory, Subsidiary, Brand & Pavilion
For inclusion in free WEFTEC 2019 publications, including September WE&T and the onsite Conference Program.

August 9, 2019 - Export Interest Directory (IBI)
For inclusion in Export Interest Directory distributed in the Global Center.

September 13, 2019 - Exhibitor Directory, Subsidiary, Brand & Pavilion
For inclusion in the final onsite udpate submissions for the mobile app.

Submission Guidelines

Company and Product Information

  • Include any keywords in your listing for the app global search to use
  • Selected category terms do not return in the app's search results
  • Consider not listing 'WEFTEC' within your listing, and focus your listing on your company and products

Contact Information

  • Provide a contact name and phone number for your primary booth/sales contact
  • Email addresses are no longer published in the app for your privacy; you may choose to publish an email address in your directory.
  • The app/web directory is not access controlled. Consider making a specific email address for receiving inquiries for the show, then adding yourself as a registrant into the app to preserve privacy

Formatting Information

  • Listings should be clear and informative
  • Use complete sentences, spelling out acronyms
  • Limit the use of &, +, and similar characters
  • Preserve character formatting including ©, ®, ™, and sub- or superscript by using the cut and paste feature for your description
  • Number/bullet lists, bold, italic, and all other special formatting will be removed from your listing 
  • Information already in your directory, including your booth number, website, or phone number should not be repeated in your description. If submitted, this information will be removed prior to entry.

Exhibitor Services Contacts

Exhibitor Services

Stefanie Walter
Senior Manager, Exhibition Operations
(703) 684-2414

Mutsa Meda
Coordinator, Exhibition Operations
(703) 684-2447