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Obligatory Show Management Note: WEFTEC exhibitors are expected to follow show rules as posted within the current Exhibitor Service Manual. The following article links are offered strictly as a source of inspiration, and are not specifically endorsed in terms of content.

2018 Booth Design Awards

Exhibitor Magazinepublished by Exhibitor Media Group


Ten Innovative Trade Show booth Ideas

Slideshow - December 11, 2017, by Ian Zeleya on BizBash


Steal These Ideas to Create Inviting Trade Show Booths

Slideshow - Februrary 23, 2017, by Mitra Sorrells on BizBash


Small Booth Successes

Exhibitor Magazinepublished by Exhibitor Media Group


How to Exhibit Successfully

A booklet series, 2014, Diversified Communiciations Australia


How to Dominate any Tradeshow, and Why Even Solo Entrepeneurs Should Try 

The Blog of Tim Ferriss, 2013, by Ido Leffler of Yes To Carrots


Q: What are my move-in dates and times?
A: This information is listed in the Move-in/Out & Shipping section of the Exhibitor Service Manual. Each exhibitor's move-in will be determined by their Target Delivery Schedule, as well as how long they estimate their set-up will take.

Q: What can I set up myself vs using labor?
A: This varies depending on the city we are in. In the Move In/Out & Shipping section of the Exhibitor Service Manual, under Exhibitor Booth Set-up/Dismantle Information you will find outlined the rights for exhibitors in the current city.

Q: What's been paid for and/or completed so far?
A: Below is a short list, not intended to be complete, of who can best answer this question. Contact information is available in the Official Contacts section of the Exhibitor Service Manual.

  • WEF : billing, directory updates, booth moves
  • Experient : booth personnel registration, lead retrieval
  • Freeman : furnishing, carpeting, labor
  • CMR : housing
  • Centerplate: catering
  • New Orleans Morial Convention Center: electrical, plumbing, internet

Q: How many badges do I get with my booth?
A: 4 per 100 square feet?

Q: Can our staff attend technical sessions?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is our company not listed under the categories we want?
A: You need to submit the Exhibitor Directory Form.

Q. Do we need to use Freeman for Freight?
A: They are the official service provider for freight, but you are not required to use them as your freight carrier.

Q. Do we need to use Freeman for Material Handling (Drayage)?
A: Yes.

Q. Do I need to register an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor?
A. Review the guidelines for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual. Providers listed as Official Service Providers (many of which are exclusive) do not require you to submit an EAC registration. When a service provider will be providing services that are not exclusive and can be approved as an EAC, they will need to be registered through EACA. If in doubt, contact WEF Exhibitions Management for clarification.

Q. Can I move/change the location of my booth?
A. Booth moves can be requested using the process listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual in the Booth/Show Information header, under Booth Moves.

Q. Should I pay attention to email solicitations for attendee lists and housing.
A. NO.

Attendee Lists: The pre- and post-show attendee list is available for free to fully paid exhibitors. Visit the relevant toolkit page to access the current and prior year download pages. 

WEF is aware of soliciting agencies that contact exhibitors and affiliates directly, offering to sell registration data or lists. The official registration list is exclusively offered and available for exhibitors only from Experient or WEF. Lists obtained from outside parties are not legitimate and WEF does not authorize, offer, or sell registration list information to any outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation. WEF is unable to assist should you choose to do business with such an agency for the purpose of obtaining unofficial lists.

Housing: WEF's official housing provider is CMR. Housing should only be contracted directly through CMR. View our housing page here. 

A note about impostors: CMR and WEF routinely receive word about other agencies soliciting business from WEFTEC registrants and exhibitors. Any housing service or travel bureau that directly solicits your business should be considered suspect because WEF has not shared our registrants’ information with any such agency. Reservations made through other agencies are not guaranteed by CMR or WEF, and could result in inflated room rates; additional service charges; placement in a hotel outside of the official block that is not serviced by the WEFTEC shuttle; unconfirmed/lost reservations upon arrival at the hotel; and/or lost deposits or pre-payments. Neither WEF nor CMR can assist you with reservation problems if you book through another agency.

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