WEFTEC 2020 Advance Booth Selection Materials

Contact Jessica (LaFever) Dexter:703-684-2446 | jlafever@wef.org

September 21-25
Contact Onsite Sales Office directly: 312-791-6634

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Onsite Sales for WEFTEC 2020

Contracted WEFTEC 2019 exhibitors* will receive the advance booth selection materials by mail. Enclosed in the mailing - the WEFTEC 2020 New Orleans floor plan and an informational flyer.

Book your WEFTEC 2020 booth during Onsite Sales to take advance of your priority points and get a discount on your booth space in New Orleans!

Payment is not due until January 31, 2020. Changes or cancellations can be made without penalty until January 31, 2020.

*Booking at Onsite Sales is only available to contracted WEFTEC 2019 exhibitors.
All other companies must wait until after Onsite Sales to book space.

2020 Floor Plan & Specialty Areas

WEFTEC 2020 Floor Plan PDF

About Specialty Areas:

  • Stormwater Pavilion and Stormwater Theater - Companies must have at least 50% of their display dedicated to Stormwater content to be located in this Pavilion.
  • 100 Mile Pavilion – NEW in 2020! For exhibitors who are located within 100 miles of the Morial Convention Center. Highlights local companies and emphasizes sustainability. 
  • Intelligent Water Pavilion – New in 2020! For exhibitors featuring product(s) which use technology to optimize system operations, promote the application of process instrumentation, control equipment and automation, and the management of information in the water environment. At least 75% of their display must be dedicated to Intelligent Water solutions. Exhibitors must submit product literature to show management for approval, but may book in the pavilion if they are on the pre-qualified list.
  • Innovation Showcase Neighborhood
    • Innovation Pavilion – Space is not for sale during onsite sales.  Space will be assigned to Innovation Award Winners, determined by our partners in the coming year. If companies wish to book nearby, they must choose from available space. The theater will contain innovation related programming. 
    • Discovery Zone (part of Innovation Neighborhood) – This area is open to startups who are first time exhibitors and have won innovation awards, or companies who are exhibiting for the first time on their own outside of the Innovation Pavilion. These spaces are 8x8 and come with basic counter, carpet, and chairs.
    • Innovation Row – The booths surrounding the Innovation Pavilion and are for alumni of the pavilion or other companies who have won recent innovative product awards. Proof of award must be submitted to show management.

2020 License Agreement & Contract

WEFTEC 2020 License Agreement

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