Welcome, WEFTEC Speakers and Moderators!

If you are speaking or moderating on the technical program at WEFTEC, you now have access to your own “Ready Room” web portal where you can review and print your speaking schedule and more!

For assistance with your login or password, please contact csc@wef.org. For all other questions, please email speakers@wef.org.

NEW! PowerPoint Templates are available - please click on your speaker type below to find and download. So that WEF may continue to offer Continuing Education credits for the Technical Program, it is our policy that logos should not be used in presentations at WEF Conferences. If it is your employer's policy to use the logo in presentations, placement may be on the first and last slide only. This means that absolutely NO LOGOS of any type may be used on any slides other than the first and last slide!

We encourage all WEFTEC presenters to watch How To Give a Good Presentation.

Onsite Speaker Briefing Room Location: La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom C

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